History of Fire Burn Areas in Florida from 2006 to 2018

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Publication Date: 20190912
Title: History of Fire Burn Areas in Florida from 2006 to 2018
Online Linkage: https://atoll.floridamarine.org/Data/Zips/custom/FWC_FireHistory_2006to2018.gdb.zip
Abstract: This dataset is derived from the USGS Burned Area (BA) version 2 products (Hawbaker et al. 2017). Tall Timbers Research Station evaluated the annual BA Burn Probability (BP) datasets –which are raster datasets – for evidence of burns. The annual datasets span an entire calendar year (e.g.,Jan 1 through Dec 31) and indicate the maximum BP within the year (0-100%). For each year between 2006 and 2018, Tall Timbers Research Station combined the annual datasets of interest within individual ARD Tiles into a single annual raster dataset (i.e., mosaick tiles) for further processing and performed all additional processing steps on the annual mosaicked datasets to ensure statewide consistency. Pixels were identified as burned or unburned according to their probability value; initially, all pixels with an annual BP between 85-100% were retained based on Hawbaker et al. (2017). Values between 90-100% were then converted to presence/absence rasters and image processing methods were employed to remove ‘speckling’ (e.g.,fill in small holes within a burned area and remove groups of pixels less than a specified size/amount). This process resulted in annual rasters and vectors indicating burn presence (with 90-100% probability) for groups of pixels greater than ~2.24 acres (e.g.,10 30m pixels, in any arrangement). Dates were assigned from the Burn Date (BD) dataset to these same pixels as a surrogate for seasonality. Tall Timbers Research Station evaluated these products against fire records for three pilot areas. For each area, Tall Timbers Research Station invited managers to inspect the data and evaluate the products. Through this process, managers provided many explanations for why no burn was detected and where/why fire detection was performing very well, as well as some ideas and suggestions for moving forward, and were relayed to USGS. Many of these comments reflect known limitations previously documented (see Hawbaker et al. 2017, Vanderhoof et al. 2017). Based on these meetings, Tall Timbers Research Station have applied the processing “logic” across the entire state at 90-100% BP. Fire regime metrics such as number of times burned, year last burned, and time since previous fire are included in the dataset upload and were derived using these annual presence/absence rasters and vectors.
Purpose: Zipped file geodatabase containing GIS and tabular data representing the history of areas burned by fire in Florida between 2006 and 2018.
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