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Metadata language: eng
Metadata character set: utf8
Last update: 2019-08-05
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Role: pointOfContact
Organization's name: Manchester City Council
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e-mail address:
Scope of the data described by the metadata: dataset
Scope name: dataset
Name of the metadata standard used: INSPIRE Metadata Implementing Rules: Technical Guidelines based on EN ISO 19115 and EN ISO 19119
Version of the metadata standard: V. 2.0.1
Metadata identifier: 1564998087397r09156503195247989

Data Identification Information

Resource citation:
Reference date - creation: 2019-03-31
Reference date - publication: 2019-08-05
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Value: SHLAA
Themes or categories of the resource: planningCadastre
Descriptive keywords:
Keyword type not provided
Keywords: SHLAA, Housing, Planning, Open Data
Abstract: The Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) forms part of the evidence base for Manchester's Local Plan and other frameworks and strategies, by showing which areas within the city have the capacity to accommodate new housing. In addition the SHLAA can be used by developers wanting to identify suitable sites for development in Manchester.Contains data in 3 categories: Capacity Sites: Sites which have the potential to be developed for housing, but do not have planning permission as of the most recent March 31st. Planning Permission: Sites which have been granted planning permission but construction had not begin as of the most recent March 31st. Under Construction: As of the most recent March 31st. The 'Total' field refers to the total sum of dwellings in the scheme, and may include housing that has already finished construction.
Purpose: Manchester's Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) shows sites in Manchester which have the potential to accommodate new housing in the future, showing how many homes each site could potentially accommodate and over what time period
Dataset language:eng
Dataset character set: utf8
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Limitations of use: Open Government License
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Classification: unclassified
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Bounding rectangle:
West longitude: -2.32093
East longitude: -2.146394
North latitude: 53.544421
South latitude: 53.340391
Credits: Manchester City Council 2019

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Level of the data:dataset
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Lineage statement: Data compiled by Manchester City Council's Planning and Infrastructure team from a variety of sources.
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Test passed: true
Meaning of the result: Conformance inherited from source data
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Title: SHLAA
Reference date - publication: 2019-08-05

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