Maine E911 Roads

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Publication Date: 20200426
Title: Maine E911 Roads
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Abstract: NG_ROADS contains updated road centerline and road name data for Maine at 1:24,000 scale. NG_ROADS digital roads were developed, and are maintained, to serve the Next Generation 911 project in Maine. Next Generation 9-1-1 has many public safety benefits, the two most important features are: the public's ability to dial 9-1-1 for all emergencies and automatic caller location information, critical to speeding up the dispatch of emergency services. The Public Utilities Commission (MEPUC), and Emergency Services Communication Bureau (ESCB) are working to support a statewide implementation of Next Generation 9-1-1 service. ESCB' role in this implementation is to provide technical assistance to towns that need to establish physical addresses. Physical addresses for participating towns are developed based on community defined address intervals, and road names, applied to an updated set of digital roads. NG_ROADS data contains up-to-date road names and address ranges for participating Maine towns. Data is statewide and divided by minor civil divisions. The data set was developed from USGS 1:24,000 digital roads data and ESRI SDE feature class format. The project used GPS collection and worked with each municipality to verify road and roadname data. Other data sources include MEDOQs (appended, compressed USGS Digital Orthophoto Quarter Quadrangles), 10 meter panchromatic sharpened SPOT imagery from the USA Select Statewide Program and US Department of Commerce, Bureau of Census TIGER/LineFiles. A related table Standard Geocodes for Maine Minor Civil Divisions, 1971 is available at"Tables". The coverage includes the ARC items E911, RDNAME, RANGE. Ongoing maintenance of the final data includes the addition and/or correction of roads, roadnames and address ranges at the request of each municipalities Addressing Officer.
Purpose: Location lines representing Maine road data sourced from the Maine Emergency Services Communications Bureau (ESCB) branch of the Maine Public Utilities Commission (PUC).
Maintenance and Update Frequency: Monthly
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West Bounding Coordinate: -72.77493279895978
East Bounding Coordinate: -65.34817498646176
North Bounding Coordinate: 47.86795146445082
South Bounding Coordinate: 42.67784080696299
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Data Set Credit: Maine Emergency Services Communication Bureau (ESCB)
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Metadata Date: 20190517
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