Mobility Corridors

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Publication Date: 20031016
Title: Mobility Corridors
Abstract: Mobility Corridors represents road centerlines along arterials designated "Mobility Corridors" as part of the MaineDOT's statewide Access Management program. A mobility corridor is a non-compact arterial that has a posted speed limit of 40 mph or more and is: part of an arterial corridor between urban compact areas or service centers with an average annual daily traffic of at least 5,000 vehicles per day for at least 50% of it's length; or is part of a retrograde arterial corridor located between mobility arterials. The MaineDOT Access Management program envisions prioritized planning and preservation of Mobility Arterial corridors most at risk of losing capacity, safety, and of decreasing posted speeds, due to increasing development and commuter and visitor pressures.  This dataset was created by Maine Department of Transportation using basemap line work and is designed for use in applications within MaineDOT.
Purpose: Mobility Corridors represents road centerlines along arterials designated "Mobility Corridors" as part of the MEDOT's statewide Access Management program.
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Use Constraints: Users must assume responsibility in determining the usability of this data for their purposes. Digital maps retain the accuracy of their source materials. The best use of data mapped at scales of 1:500,000 and 1:250,000 is in statewide planning and studies; at 1:100,000 in regional planning and studies; at 1:62,500 and 1:24,000 in detailed studies and local planning; and at 1:12,000 and 1:5,000 or larger scales in parcel level studies and detailed local planning. In the use of Maine GIS data, please check sources, scale, accuracy, currentness and other available information. Please confirm that you are using the correct copy of both data and metadata from the Maine GIS Data Catalog. Updates, corrections, and feedback, incorporated in the Maine GIS database are made in accordance with "Data Standards for Maine Geographic Information Systems", 2002, and coordinated by MEGIS.
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Contact Organization: MaineDOT
Contact Person: Stephen Landry
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Address: State House Station 16
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State or Province: Maine
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Data Set Credit: MaineDOT
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Metadata Date: 20041016
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