ArcGIS includes a Living Atlas of the World with beautiful and authoritative maps on hundreds of topics. It combines reference and thematic maps with many topics relating to people, earth, and life. Explore maps from Esri and thousands of organizations and enrich them with your own data to create new maps and map layers.

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ArcGIS includes detailed imagery for the world, which reveals both the present state of the planet and change over time. These image layers enable you to view recent, high-resolution imagery for most of the world; lower-resolution imagery of the planet updated daily; and near real-time imagery for parts of the world affected by major events. This includes intelligent layers that enable you to restyle the imagery to highlight specific characteristics, such as healthy vegetation.

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ArcGIS includes a suite of basemaps that provide reference maps for our world and context for your work. These maps are built from the best available data from a community of authoritative data providers and presented in multiple cartographic styles. These maps are designed to emphasize different views of our world, from physical to political. You can choose the basemap that is most appropriate for your map or app.

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Community Maps

You can help us enhance several maps through our Community Maps Program. Thousands of ArcGIS users have improved the coverage and quality of our maps by providing access to their map data and imagery. Join the growing list of organizations that contribute their content to a living global atlas of online maps and geographic information.

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ArcGIS includes a rich set of maps about the world's people, the human geography. Browse hundreds of maps showing the diversity of human populations and activities, from demographics to economics and infrastructure to public health.

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Explore the processes and landforms of earth's physical systems, including elevation, geology, soils, oceans, climate, and natural hazards.

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Discover a diverse set of maps of earth's biological systems, including ecoregions, wetlands, vegetation, protected areas, plant and animal ranges, and some things that only come out at night.

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